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Keep Burglars at Bay – Easy Ways to Secure Your Home

In most cases, burglars try to break into homes in every possible way – usually with success. Your home should be safe. Therefore, improving the security of your living space is crucial. Are there any ways to prevent break-ins? Discover one of the most efficient ways to improve home security and keep criminals out.

Choose High-quality Door Locks

Among the most effective measures against break-ins is a reliable locking system. Consider fitting a high-quality deadbolt lock to your front door. You can install smart locks or use burglar-proof locks to protect your property. Usually, these locks are marked with the code BS3621. Experts suggest installing locks which comply with standards.

Securing Your Windows

People often associate security only with securing doors, smart locks, and installing CCTV systems. However, you should not dismiss the possibility of break-ins through your windows. Windows, often seen as the top entry point by intruders, require just as much attention as doors. There are some practical steps you can take to strengthen your window.

  • Improve window frame. It is easy for intruders to take advantage of weak or worn-out window frames. Window bars and grills can strengthen your window frames.
  • Strengthen window locks and latches. You can use sash locks for double-hung windows. Locking both sashes together makes it harder for intruders to gain access. You should consider installing additional locks or reinforcements, such as key-operated or pin locks.
  • Reinforce the window glass. Adding security window film to your windows can be a cost-effective solution. You can also strengthen your windows with laminated or tempered glass.

Enhance the Visibility and Lighting

Lighting up the area around your property is a simple and effective way to keep out burglars. Consider installing sensor-activated lights around your home’s entry points and pathways. Intruders prefer the cover of darkness, so well-lit exteriors make it difficult to approach unnoticed. You can enhance your home’s security with this inexpensive method. Strategic lighting around entrances, dark recesses, and walkways makes your intentions clear – you are watching.

Take Care of Your Landscape

Tall shrubs and overgrown trees around your house are great places for criminals to hide. It doesn’t mean you should remove every plant from your garden. Just keep them pruned.

To avoid detection by your security cameras, thieves can hide behind bushy areas and trees. You can prevent them from hiding by trimming the trees and shrubs surrounding your home. Additionally, in this way, you will achieve a lovely landscape that adds value to your property. Without tall trees and bushes, your home will be visible from the street, which makes it less attractive to burglars.

Install a Burglar Alarm System

Here are some ideas for home security that will take you up the scale. Some people install fake alarms when a real one is out of their price range. A burglary will cost far more than an alarm, of course. There are different types of alarm systems – some are more complex, and others are wireless and have more benefits. If you are unsure what kind of burglar alarm to select, ask the locksmith specialists in your area for advice. Needless to say, a home security alarm system can be quite beneficial.

Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are an excellent choice for those wanting to increase home security efficiently. CCTV is a trustworthy approach to prevent break-ins. The peace of mind you get when you can observe your children, pets, and property whenever you want is priceless.

Professional CCTV technicians recommend choosing an easy-to-use wireless CCTV system – no movement around your property will go unnoticed. Thus, burglars will think twice before breaking into your home.

Secure Your Garage

You should not forget to keep your tool-rich garage and shed secure. A bike, a car, garden equipment – all these may be the cause of a try-to-grab story. Therefore, garage and shed security shouldn’t be ignored. You can secure your garage door lock or install a garage burglar alarm system.

Always Lock Doors and Windows

Many break-ins occur when doors or windows are left unlocked. Lock all entry points before leaving your home or going to bed. Taking this small step can prevent potential break-ins. Always double-check vulnerable doors, such as patio and sliding ones, to determine their locks are sturdy enough to resist kicks. Confirm you lock the garage door before you leave your home.

Create the Impression of Occupancy

There are more break-ins during the day when many people are at work. Create the illusion that someone is still at home when leaving – switch the lights on, along with the radio or TV. You needlessly consume electricity by neglecting to switch off your lights upon departure. To combat this wastefulness, use compact LED lighting, which is more energy-efficient and boasts an extended lifespan.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Some people don’t think selecting the ideal hiding place for their belongings is worth the time. Invest in innovative solutions such as diversion safes, wall safes, and hidden compartments to increase your home security. Securing your belongings is crucial, so hide them in less predictable places. The best practice is to keep jewellery and gadgets in a place that is difficult to get to. You reduce the chances of burglars choosing your property by using this trick.

Want to Upgrade Your Home Security?

As we already emphasised, choosing high-quality locks is one of the most reliable ways to secure your home. If you don’t know what kind of lock suits your property, get expert help. Whether you want to change your lock or install a new one, trust certified locksmiths in your area.  Also, you can get expert advice on theft-resistant and durable locks. If you decide to use CCTV installation as a security solution, hire an experienced technician.


  • Choose high-quality locks for your front door.
  • You can upgrade your windows by adding safety grilles and bars.
  • Make sure that doors and windows are locked and sturdy.
  • If you decide to install CCTV, select a trusted company to perform the job!
  • If you have no idea what security system is right for your property, we suggest discussing it with a professional.