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How to Spotlessly Clean Your Drapes and Curtains Using These Simple Steps

As a soft furnishing, curtains are one of the mainstays of your living room. adding aesthetic beauty and charm to your surroundings. Curtains also act as dust magnets and attract a lot of dust and debris when you regularly use them in your windows. Cleaning curtains regularly must be a part of your weekly household cleaning routine.

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How to spotlessly clean your curtains and drapes: a step-by-step procedure

Curtains can enliven your living room. We outline below the procedure for cleaning them.

Precautions to observe while cleaning curtains

  • Check the manufacturer’s care instructions given on the fabric tag or label. This will provide customized instructions for cleaning different fabrics. It also outlines the cleaning methods and cleaning techniques to be applied.
  • While testing a new cleaning agent or a stain remover, always do a patch test. This consists of applying the cleaning solution to a small corner of the fabric to test for any adverse side effects. This prevents wholesale damage to the entire curtain fabric.
  • Try to avoid hanging curtains in a shaded area out of the path of direct sunlight. This prevents color-fading effects due to the sun.
  • Rotate the different curtains you have at home. This prevents quick wear and tear and also makes them look fresh.
  • Always use cold water, mild detergents, and a gentle cycle to clean your curtains. You can hang them to drip dry on a clothesline rather than using a dryer. Harsh or abrasive detergents can have the effect of spoiling the curtain fabric.
  • Wash your curtains panel by panel to ensure minimal damage or adverse side effects. This also ensures proper cleaning of the curtains.

A step-by-step procedure to spotlessly clean your curtains and drapes:

  • Shake the curtains vigorously to shake all the surface dust and debris. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean your curtains. Use the correct attachments, like the soft brush attachment, to clean both sides of the curtain material. Make sure that you vacuum the pleats and folds of the curtains properly.
  • Before washing, remove all the hooks, rings, and other attachments that secure the curtain to the curtain rod. This will prevent the curtain from tearing during the cleaning process.
  • For stubborn and indelible stains, pretreat the curtains with an approved stain remover or stain cleaning agent. Follow the precautions given above before you do this.
  • Hand washing or machine washing? That is the question: Check which method of washing is suitable for your curtains and follow the appropriate method. Select the appropriate method to clean your curtains. Delicate materials that are washed in a washing machine should be placed inside a mesh bag to prevent snagging. While hand washing, always scrub the curtains, section by section, to ensure that you cover the entire area. Let the material soak in soapy water for some time, which will enable you to clean it properly. You can use a sponge to gently clean the soiled areas. Gently rinse the curtains in cold water and squeeze them dry. Hanging the curtain on a shower rod or a laundry line helps allow the curtains to drip dry.
  • If you want to make your curtain material look crisp, add Epsom salt to the detergent solution. Your curtain material will look crisp and neat after the washing process.
  •  Certain curtains can only be cleaned with solvents. Velvet and lined curtains fall into this category. This method also minimizes the shrinkage of the curtain fabric and prevents wrinkles from forming.
  • If you have a hand-held steam cleaner and are adept at using it, you can also steam clean the curtains. This is an eco-friendly method that reduces environmental pollution by using very few detergents or cleaning agents. You can let the curtains remain hanging and pass the nozzle of the steam cleaner over the surface area of the curtains. Make several passes to ensure that you cover the entire area. Steam cleaning works best with machine-washable curtains.
  • Use professional cleaners like Professional Curtain Cleaning Adelaide to get the optimum results while cleaning your curtain.

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