Different Types of Workstations And Their Role in Office

If you’re planning to embellish your office with new work stations, it is important to know the right size and type that will fit in your office design and work culture. Here in this article, we round up some popular types of workstations and their utility. Read on and decide which type of office Table you should invest in.

Linear Workstations

This type of workstations is quite popular in mid-size BPOs, KPOs, and large corporate houses where the number of employees is usually high. They come with a partition in front of the desk in order to create separate workstations for the employees. The partition wall can be a white board or fabric board; employees can use them to paste or pin up important documents. The height may differ and so does the size of one particular section designated to one employee. Colour can be picked as per your office decor theme.

Cluster Workstations

As the name suggest, cluster workstations create a bunch of workstations attached with each other. These workstations are often used by team leaders or managers, as they ensure enough privacy as well easy accessibility between workstations. Cluster workstations can be in L shape or in square form.

Manager’s Cubicles

Larger, more specious and more private than cluster workstations, the Manager’s Cubicles are perfect for managers and HODs who need peace and privacy to perform their jobs. These single seater workstations usually come as a separate cabin consisting of a comfortable chair, and a spacious table with modular storage. These workstations nowadays can be found in various stylish designs and shapes. You can pick one that you feel will impress your HODs.

Y Shape Workstations

Looking to add a contemporary touch to your workplace, Y Share workstations won’t disappoint you. These are really stylish and come in attractive designs and color combos. There is enough space for the employees, plus there are in close proximity, which helps improve the communication and productivity. Panel height can be as per your requirement. 1200mm from the floor is experts believe is an ideal height for Y shape workstations.

Four Seater Back to Back Workstations

These workstations create an arrangement where employees sit facing back to back. Employees have privacy and work as their own. Such types of workstations are rare and often seen in businesses where less communication is required. 

 Rectangular Workstations

Available in clusters of 4, 5, 6 or more seats, these workstations are in rectangular shape. They are very popular and are available in many trendy designs, perfect for all sorts of offices.

No matter which type of gaming chair you purchase, make sure you get them from a reliable supplier. Search online, and you can find many reputed companies offering amazing varieties of workstations and other office furniture Indian items.