6 Ways To Make Better Use Of Small Gardens

It seems that the majority of garden designs and property renovation ideas assume that homeowners are endowed with a significant portion of outside space. This, however, isn’t the case and a number of homes have only a modest garden space. Others are limited to enjoying a balcony or similar confined outdoor space instead of a grassy lawn expanse.

This, however, is no longer the limitation it once was and there are a number of creative designs and endeavours that modern homeowners are using to transform and utilise even the smallest amount of outdoor space. To show you how, here are six ways that you can make better use of a small outdoor area, whether a grassy patch or an elevated balcony.

Vertical Growth

Gardens are not, or should not be, defined by their landscape and many forget that vertical rises can be just as valuable. Vertical planters, stacked pots, and walls designed to encourage climbing plants can all do exceptionally well to fill an outdoor space with dense greenery, as well as the potential for vegetables, fruits, and herbs too. A number of gardening influencers online continue to demonstrate how a range of delicious foods can be grown even from a vertical pallet garden.

Utility Over Aesthetics

If a garden’s capacity is not accommodating as a landscape for hosting friends or playing games, it may still offer some practicality. Sustainable pursuits, such as water collection and food waste composting can be an excellent way to transform a small outdoor area into one that benefits a household and the environment.

Extend Living Space

If a garden is small, it can be worthwhile to see it as room for more internal space. This is the reason garden sheds are being converted into log cabins and similar outbuildings because they offer more versatility as an extra guest room or office space over storage. Some homeowners may wish to compromise their outdoor space entirely and simply extend their home with a conservatory instead!

Dining Area

A limited outdoor space can be accommodating to a single-use purpose, such as a dining area. With the addition of a small awning attached to the main building, an outdoor space can become a sheltered dining area, one that accommodates a table, chairs, and even heat lamps for the cooler evenings.

Pots & Containers

Having flower beds in a small garden can be space inefficient because they take up a significant amount of room, more than may be necessary for the plants themselves. As such, these flower patches can be contained into planters and pots, freeing up more space in a garden without compromising on the lusciousness of greenery.

Help Wildlife

If a garden space is too small for your to make much use of, it could be worthwhile to offer it to the local wildlife instead. Bird baths and houses can mean a great deal to nesting birds and those wanting to cool themselves on a hot day. In the same way, insect hotels and beehives can also be important for pollinators too!